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Flower Shop -  The wonderful smell of walking into your favorite florist shop. A perfect blend of favorite florals. Our Flower Shop candles are all triple scented, burn clean and come in many of our candle products.      Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Flower Shop Jar Candles

Flower Shop - 5.5oz. Traditional Jar Candle - $11.99

Flower Shop - 12oz. Traditional Jar Candle - $17.99

Flower Shop - 18oz. Traditional Jar Candle - $21.99

Flower Shop - 7oz. Premier Jar Candle - $15.99

Flower Shop - 12oz. Premier Jar Candle - $19.99

Flower Shop Votive Candles

Flower Shop - Votive Candle - Each - $1.99

Flower Shop - Votive Candle - 12 Pack - $21.99
Flower Shop - Votive Candle - 24 Pack - $39.99

Flower Shop Candle Tins

Flower Shop - 2 oz. Candle Tin - $5.99
Flower Shop - 6 oz. Candle Tin - $11.99

Flower Shop Pillar Candles

Flower Shop - 3x3 Pillar Candles - $15.99

Flower Shop - 3x6 Pillar Candles - $19.99

Flower Shop - 3x9 Pillar Candles - $23.99

Flower Shop - 4x4 Pillar Candles - $17.99

Flower Shop - 4x6 Pillar Candles - $23.99

Flower Shop - 4x9 Pillar Candles - $29.99

Flower Shop - 6x3 Pillar Candles - $29.99

Flower Shop - 6x6 Pillar Candles - $39.99

Flower Shop - 4x4 Sq. Pillar Candles - $19.99

Flower Shop - 4x12 Log Pillar Candles - $21.99

Fragrance Oils - Wax Potpourri - Tea Light Candles

Flower Shop - 1/2 oz. Fragrance Oil - $7.99

Flower Shop - Wax Potpourri - $9.99

Flower Shop - Tea Light Candles - $9.99

Flower Shop Smelly Jelly

Flower Shop - 8 oz. Smell Jelly - $11.99

Flower Shop Room Spray

Flower Shop - 2 oz. Room Spray - $7.99

Flower Shop Effusion Lamp Oil

Flower Shop - 8 oz. Catalytic lamp Oil - $9.99

Flower Shop Reed Oil Diffuser Refill

Flower Shop - 8 oz. Reed Diffuser Kit - 21.99

Flower Shop - 8 oz. Reed Diffuser Refill - 17.99

color chart

Almond Bark
Apple Cinnamon
Apple Pie
Autumn Harvest
Baby Powder-Blue
Baby Powder-Pink
Berry Patch
Birds of Paradise
Black Cherry
Blueberry Fields
Candy Cane
Candy Corn
Caramel Toffee
Cedar Wood
Cherry Vanilla  
Christmas Eve
Christmas Tree
Cinnamon Swirl
Clove Spice
Cookie Bake
Creamy Vanilla
Creme Brulee

Cupids Arrow
Orange Vanilla
Florida Orange
French Market
French Rose
French Vanilla 
Fresh Linen 
Georgia Peach
Ginger Bread
Guardian Angel
Hazelnut Latte
Hearts & Flowers
Holiday Cheer
Holly Berry
Hugs & Kisses
Lavender Vanilla
Lemon Chiffon
Mardi Gras
Maui Breeze

Mojave Springs
Morning Mist
Moroccan Melon
Pineapple Parfait
Pumpkin Pie
Santa's Surprise
Stress Relief
Summer Nights
Sweet Pea
Vanilla Spice
White Christmas

Christmas Fragrances

Candy Cane
Cinnamon Swirl
Christmas Eve
Christmas Tree

French Vanilla
Holiday Cheer
Holly Berry

Santa's Surprise
Vanilla Spice
White Christmas